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Basic Technical Writing Skills


  • This course is designed for staff members normally involved in preparation and writing of technical reports and other technical documents. 


  • The program aims at improving the participants’ capabilities to better present the technical contents in more organized documents understandable by their readers.



  • What makes a good technical report?
  • How to plan and organize your report?
  • The use of outlines
  • Understand the type of technical report you are writing
  • Reporting research findings
  • Simple technical information report
  • Technical specifications
  • Technical evaluation reports
  • Technical recommendation reports
  • Technical manuals and instructions
  • Defining the objectives of your technical report
  • How to match your objectives with reader interests
  • Controlling style: short sentences and paragraphs, appropriate language and jargon
  • Structuring complex arguments and complicated information
  • Dealing with non-essential information
  • How to write an abstract
  • How to construct the introduction
  • How to prepare the body of your manuscript
  • The main report sections
  • Refining the structure
  • How to write an effective concluding section
  • Ways of concluding
  • The summary section
  • The conclusion section
  • The recommendation section
  • Using appendices
  • Using footnotes, technical data, diagrams, flowcharts, graphs, tables, illustrations, captions, bullet points, numbering systems, references, etc.
  • Editing the draft for accuracy, brevity and clarity
  • How to construct tables for information content
  • Technical content
  • How to present a report orally
  • Written versus oral reports
  • How to define quality in engineering manuscripts
  • The elements of reporting quality
  • How to achieve proper emphasis in writing
  • How to publish your “confidential” results
  • The information bottleneck
  • Your role as a critic
  • The value of your report

Who Should Attend


  • Executives, engineers, and supervisors who write technical reports, manuals, procedures and other formal business documents.



5 Days

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